I’d like to begin this blog by talking about herbs and how I became captivated by the wonder of them.  Growing herbs for me has been a journey in observation.  It’s opened my creative mind as I watch them and ask the questions; where will they grow, how will they develop throughout the seasons and will they come back in the spring.  Do they benefit from sun? Do they need rain?  And as I harvest them I ask a second set of questions; what are their properties, are they edible, topical, can they heal?

calendulaI often begin the day by taking a walk through our property and observe the herbs and the trees.  Along with this comes observation of the weather, the moisture in the soil, traces of wildlife, birds and more. What herbs need harvesting, what seeds should be gathered or sowed.  To grow an herb is to begin a journey into communication with nature one with abundance and wonderment at every turn.  In the following installments I hope to introduce you to a world so creative it has persuaded me to leave my art career and follow the plants.  I’ve jarred some of this magic into my herbal salve and I hope you will try it and see for yourself the wonder and healing power of the herbal plants.
Calendula Field