DANDELIONS (Taraxacum officinale)

Spring has so much to pick in the field and through wildcrafting for fiddleheads, ramps, and dandelions.

As I emerge from winter, however mild, in a sluggish hibernating state, Dandelions really contribute to a health boost! A mainstay of my health arsenal; I personally use dandelion year-round as a tincture, tea, coffee and as a green in salads and stir-fries on an almost daily basis. And of course I include them in my salves!

In my blueberry patch in Vermont I grow dandelion and I’m not sure which is more precious to me. In this cultivated garden the plants are well over a foot tall, and the roots grow enormous clusters, which I harvest by the wheel barrel in the fall.

Among its many merits, the Dandelion is a powerful cleanser that both detoxifies and stimulates the skin. The healing and soothing properties of dandelion, in combination with other herbs and oils in my salves, provide an unparalleled nourishing balm for the skin.

Leighs Bees Winter Healing Salve uses homegrown dandelions cultivated using organic and biodynamic methods to bring out the essential vitality of this extraordinary plant.