Moving Towards a More Sustainable World......

About Us

Leigh’s Bees is the product of curiosity and a quest for a sustainable future for agriculture.  As an artist-turned-biodynamic farmer, I continue to seek out the hidden beauty and special properties of herbs that I can find growing right in my front yard.  Over the years, I have experimented with many combinations of these herbs with some amazing results.  My curiosity has turned to obsession, and I now own and operate a small farm in Vermont which is completely dedicated to developing sustainable farming practices, from biodynamic herbs, to honey and even to wind farming.  Much of my learning and inspiration comes from meeting with farmers in developing countries, many of whom have shared their knowledge passed down from generations of subsistence farming, where sustainability is a requirement for survival and not just a popular topic.

Leigh’s Bees Salve is one of the amazing and happy coincidences of my work.  After sharing with friends and neighbors for years, while never being able to keep up with demand, I am now making this product available to others who wish to experience the extraordinary health and beauty benefits of this product.


-  Leigh     

P.S. – for more information on the various sustainability projects I am involved in, please feel free to visit my personal website,, which has a number of education references as well as local events and activities that you might be interested in learning about.