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We at Leigh Bee's strive to perfect all of our products through experimentation and constructive criticism from our users. Please email Kelly@agroliving if we can improve in any way. If you like our products and they have helped your body as they were created to do, please email your comments as well. Thank you so much for your support!


"My husband has Psoriasis which causes itch and inflammation.  Leigh's Bee's has made these symptoms much more bearable" 

"In my business, I work with my hands all day long.  Leigh's Bees has taken away the cracks and healed my skin"

Hilde N. (VT)


"I had a large bump on my back for two years that my doctor could not explain and wanted to cut out.  Leigh's Bees significantly diminished the bump!  My daughter is due to have minor surgery and we plan to use Leigh's Bees to help the skin heal quickly"
Stu M. (NJ)

"My wife has tried all of the diaper rash creams out there and nothing compares to Leigh's Bees.  We put it on at night and my daughter wakes up with no sign of a rash!"
Joe M. (NJ)

"Several months ago I arced a powerful electrical source that literally welded my wedding ring to my finger.  The metal glowed red as I tried to pull the ring off my finger. My doctor told me that the big battle was to prevent infection, and that it would leave a really big scar.  That evening I ran into Leigh, told her what happened, and she gave me, Vermont's leading skeptic, a jar of the Winter Healing Salve..  To humor her, I put some on and repeated that over the next week.  Both my doctor and I are amazed,  There literally is no scar!  That's truly remarkable.  Everyone that saw the injury and has seen the recovery is amazed.  You have a total convert!"

Sidney J. (VT)


"Every winter I experience eczema which is an itchy bumpy condition brought on by dry skin. I had been given some of your winter healing salve by your mother to help one of my damaged chickens that stayed out in the cold for three nights hiding from us. I put some salve on my rash and covered it with cloth. The next day my rash had disappeared and it has not come back some weeks later. It is a miracle!
We kept the chicken in the warm house and applied the salve to her feet for a few days until the blisters disappeared. She is now happily back in the garage with the other chickens.
Thank you Leigh, I have told a lot of friends about this amazing product."

Darina McCarty (MI)

"Your valerian extract has been a huge help in getting me to stay asleep each night! I take that with another supplement and sleep like the dead. Since contracting Lyme disease 3 years ago, my sleep cycle has been awful and this new combination has finally done the trick. Thank you!!!"

Frank A. (VT)


"I suffer from eczema on my fingers when I use certain products or in a dry winter. I have tried cortisone cream and other salves to relieve the itch and heal. It takes a while for it to go away. Recently I was given "Super Healing Salve", a product of Leigh's Bees. In a matter of minutes, the itch stopped and by the next day the rash was gone. I recommend this product to anyone who has any type of rash, or even mosquito bites. Give it a try, you wont be disappointed. Thanks for this miracle cream!"

Darina M. (MI)

"I mixed the salve with a little red clay from Cape Verde and I swear it's a miracle worker, my surgical scars are healing before my eyes."

Traici (NY)